The 1st ever 3D newsstand

AppStore #1 grossing app for 3 years.

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Audace pays off

Though the 2010 iPad market was already cluttered by magazines reader apps, I had the vision that realtime 3D visualization disruptive approach would make the difference

Stéphane de Lucacreator in 2009 of the 3D newsstand for Le kiosque sas

Reasons of success

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    Innovation. Wow effect.

    The app was designed in such manner so that people who saw the 3D interface could not resist to download it. This innovative approach was successful: more than 1.5M users recorded.

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    We resisted to include tons of complex and useless options. We balanced every single features to make sure it benefits the user without compromising the slick efficient user's experience we owe them.

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    Available everywhere.

    The app was natively developped for all platforms: iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and Windows 8 & Surface, in addition to the Web.

Why the best?

3D as Wow effect

From idea to market in a snap

Unique. Outstanding.

We really like designing unique out of the box apps. We create unique user experiences for maximum desirable apps.

Time to market.

Market does not wait. Industrialization either.
Our design and developement methods are robust, simple and efficient.

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