KWS® cultiVent™: Seeding The Future

The App That Improves Your Cornfields Performance.

KWS cultiVent cornfields app by Aladdin sas

Inovation pays off

More than 250 culture accidents are indexed and you can diagnostic your fields heath with an easy 3-step selectors.

Results are rendered as a 3D panorama, and actual photographs are exposed so that you can make your mind yourself.

Steven de Lucadesigner of the app
KWS cultiVent cornfields diseases selector by Aladdin sas
KWS cultiVent managing aphids in cornfields by Aladdin sas

Reasons of success

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    Innovation. Wow effect.

    The app is designed so that anyone can easily take advantages of it: no specific knowledge is required. 3D, real-world photopraphs and schema helps the user being efficient.

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    We resisted to include tons of complex and useless options. We balanced every single features to make sure it benefits the user without compromising the slick efficient user's experience we owe them.

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    Available on all major platforms.

    The app was natively developped for all platforms: iPad, Android tablets and Windows 8 & Surface, Windows 7 desktop and Windows 10.

Why the best?

3D effectiveness
mobile learning
KWS cultiVent cornfields culture stages selector by Aladdin sas

From idea to market in a snap

Unique. Outstanding.

We really like designing unique out of the box apps. We create unique user experiences for maximum desirable apps.

Time to market.

Market does not wait. Industrialization either.
Our design and developement methods are robust, simple and efficient.

Like what you see here? We believe that we can offer great services to you to create a unique experience.

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